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Welcome To Atlanta Bread Company of Huntsville!

Turkey Berry Brie is here for the holidays!
Turkey Berry Brie - our twist on a holiday tradition - fresh sliced turkey, imported Swedish lingonberry jam, brie cheese, on our asiago focaccia

Customers ask about this sandwich year round. "When will the Turkey Berry Brie be back?" Ask no more. This holiday favorite is now available for your dining pleasure. Sliced all natural turkey breast, imported Lingonberry preserves, Brie cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion on our fresh baked Asiago Focaccia.

The turkey berry brie is our twist on the post Thanksgiving classic turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce. To liven it up with an international spin we use imported Swedish Lingonberry preserves and brie cheese. Some prefer it with provolone instead of brie. David likes it with pepper jack cheese. But, David likes everything with pepperjack cheese. And remember, it's always made to order the way you like it.

The holidays are officially here. Make your holiday complete with the Turkey Berry Brie.

Pumpkin Pie Latte Our pumpkin Pie Latte hits the spot on a cold day with a meal or with a snack from the bakery. We use Lavazza espresso, fresh steamed milk, and pumpkin pie sauce, topped with whipped cream.

Load up a loaf of potato soup with bacon and cheddar
Loaded Loaf of Chunky Baked Potato Soup. Our most popular soup, the Chunky Baked Potato soup, offered in a fresh baked sourdough loaf, loaded up with cheese and bacon.

Winter weather brings on the need for hearty food. When people think of Atlanta Bread, they think of great soup - broccoli cheese, potato, tomato basil, and chili. A soup and half a panini is a perfect lunch for any day. Or go for a classic and have half a gourmet grilled cheese with tomato basil soup.

Chunky Baked Potato Soup, our number one seller, is a meal in itself when you put it in a fresh baked sourdough loaf. What could be better than a loaf of our chunky baked potato soup? Well, a loaf of chunky baked potato soup with bacon and cheddar cheese, of course. If you really need a meal to fill you up, try half of a steakhouse panini and a loaded loaf of potato soup. Steak and potatoes with bacon and cheese - for some that is a heavenly combination.

Butternut Squash Don't forget holiday traditions. We are now serving the Roasted Organic Butternut Squash soup daily. Our butternut squash soup is the same great vegetarian soup we have served for several holiday seasons. There is no other taste quite like it.

Phone ahead for quick pickup! (256)922.2253
Phone ahead for a quick take out meal. We’ll have your meal ready in less than 10 minutes. We serve chili every day, along with 5 or more soups. We always have a vegetarian soup option. Sandwiches, hot paninis, breakfast sandwiches, and salads are always made to order and served all day long. Just tell us how you like yours.

Bypass the long order line and head straight to the sign that says Phone In Orders. We'll have everything packed up and ready for you.

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6275 University Drive, Suite 40, Huntsville, AL 35806 256.922.2253