Whats New at Atlanta Bread Huntsville

Pecan Roll

Cinnamon Sticky bun covered with pecans

MontAmore Berry Salad

Fresh greens, seasonal berries, nuts & cheese laced with an Acai berry yogurt dressing

Sourdough Loaf filled with Chili

Chili everyday in a bowl or a loaf


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Turkey, Bacon & Avocado

Thin sliced turkey, bacon,ripe avocado, on our fresh baked nie grain bread with a lemon basil aioli.

Winter is for soup

Every season is soup season. But winter demands it!

Time to lighten up with salads

Looks like about 21% of you plan to lose some weight this month. Maybe you already have a plan. Eating fresh veggies and keeping the high calorie items limited is a good start. We make all of our salads and sandwiches to order. Ask us to leave off the cheese or put the dressing on the side. Be sensible to be successful.

We cater to you

With over a decade of helping businesses provide food for their meetings and events, we know reliability and flexibility are two important factors. Of course good food is a given. We know our business and can take care of as much of the detail as you need us to. If you have very specific requirements we'll work it your way. Give one of our catering experts a call at (256)922-2253