Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff

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Position Summary

We offer full and part time cafe jobs to those who have a passion for serving customers, get excited about preparing delicious, healthy food, and enjoy working on a team where we help each other grow and become our best.  The common theme in each of the above qualities is “caring”.

Do you care? Love the idea of providing customers with fresh, healthy food?  Come in early and get the eggs and bacon going, wash and cut the heads of romaine lettuce, slice a fresh ham, make a recipe of chicken salad, slice 60 tomatoes and then use all of that to make food for our lunch guests. Sound good? Or you could work late making sure dinner, snacks, and coffee are available for late night customers. Work with a team where we all pitch in to complete what is needed to provide our customers with a very satisfying and enjoyable experience. Join our unique family and friends culture at our owner operated bakery cafe. We work hard when at work – our customers expect it. We value family and friends. We understand that as dedicated as any employee might be, they still have a family and personal life which must be understood and accommodated in order to have a peak performing employee. We also realize that not all family circumstances can be compatible with a restaurant worker’s responsibilities.


  • Available for three or more shifts per week and must be able to work a minimum of 18 or more hours per week.
  • Able to work entire shift standing, bending, reaching, and working at a counter.
  • Able to lift 40 lbs. Able to move at a rapid pace to meet customer needs.
  • Able to sweep, clean,mop, clean and sanitize food contact surfaces, maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness, maintain a sanitary work environment.
  • Able to understand the importance of preventing cross contamination of allergens and pathogens and act to protect others from these dangers.
  • Able to use knives and other sharp utensils and equipment to prepare food safely.
  • Able to comply with established recipes, portions, and presentation standards.
  • Able to support other team members and respect the need to carry your weight within the team.


  • Greets all customers in a warm, sincere, and helpful manner
  • Interacts with customers to determine what meal and beverage they want and accurately translate that to kitchen orders..
  • Serves meals and beverages promptly and courteously.
  • Looks for customers in need and assist them to create an enjoyable dining experience.
  • Maintains clean and neat dining environment.
  • Operates the POS system and other required software
  • Keeps work areas clean and organized
  • Complies with and enforces all safety policies and procedures.
  • Prepares food according to company standards and public health regulations.
    Complete all tasks as assigned.
Minimum Age
16+ years old

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